Surgical Blades

Paramount Surgimed is a manufacturer / producer and exporter for all kinds of quality stainless steel surgical blades and carbon steel surgical blades based in New Delhi, India.

It is also known as Lames de bistouri, Hojas de bisturí, Lame da bisturi in french

Surgical blades are available in Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel. Each blade is protected by VCI paper in a peel-open foil sachet. It is sterilized by Gamma Radiation of 2.5 M Rads.

For Fitment No. 3, 3L, 7, 9
Blades No. 9 10 10A 11 11K 12 14 15 15B 15C 15S 16

For Fitment No. 4, 4L, 6
Blades No. 18 20 21 22 23 24 25